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"When building my own dreamhouse, we only choose the best contractors in their field. That is how we got to Hydrosight." John M., Architect London/Pafos

1. Easy Installation

The underwater window installation procedure is easy and well tested. As a pool builder you will not require any special training to install our windows. A step-by-step manual is always provided in addition to email and telephone support.

The Hydrosight underwater window differs from the regular installation: We make use of steel frames. The additional cash compared to any bare acrylic block approach is a good investment. It saves you so much time on the site. It keeps hassle between you and the client away, as you can deliver what you promised - always.

Our windows do not demand top ideal conditions for operation. Tolerances in the concrete shell are acceptable and do not intervene with the functioning of the windows.

How to Install? Hydrosight On-Site Installation Service

Installation manual for tiled pools

2. Large Selection of Sizes and Types

Individual solutions, your project - our challenge!

You require a window where size and depth rating suit your exact requirements? Hydrosight modular window design provides you with exactly the product you need.

A wide range of types, shapes and sizes is at your disposition. Your windows will be ready for delivery after a short production time.

Standard Sizes

3. Quality

Together with our supplier of Plexiglas we can give up to 30 years guarantee.

When you choose Hydrosight underwater windows, you choose for quality you can count on. Our cutting-edge engineering solutions have been enabling the use of windows underwater, much before this approach became common. Hydrosight delivers top-notch products, as well as precise engineering, in order to give you the confidence you need for your projects.


3-1. The Best Materials

Acrylic and Ultraviolet Light Glass VS Acrylic: A Comparison

All Hydrosight products are designed to withstand the impact of additional water pressure.

Hydrosight underwater windows are made of cast acrylic blocks. As acrylic does not shatter, it is an easy material to transport. No special precautions need to be made to ensure a safe arrival at the site of installation. Moving mineral glass might need security measures depending on local law.

All our windows use Plexiglass, which is of unique structural strength. The
thickness of each window block is individually adapted to the water depth condition given by the client and might vary between 30 and 100 mm. The material is manufactured according to ISO 7823-1:2003.

The window frame is made of marine-grade stainless steel of type
V4A/316L and is produced according to industrial quality standards. Its design
leaves room for the window's thermal expansion, while maintaining absolute
waterproofness between the window block and wall.


Our acrylic panels can withstand the daily mild mechanical impacts.


Our window blocks are virtually unaffected by aging. Neither the
transparency, nor the color of the glass will be visibly affected.

3-2. Made in Germany

All Hydrosight products are completely developed and manufactured in Germany at our site in Emmerich am Rhein.

Straight from the Manufacturer

Hydrosight is expert in the field of underwater windows. We know and understand every detail and feature since we go through every stage of design and production, hence we are in a rightful position to provide the best advice and the best price to you as a customer.

Company History

4. Safety

When it comes to safety we make no compromises. All Hydrosight products are certified to be 100% waterproof.

Hydrosight has over 15 years experience in sealing underwater windows. 0 is the defect rate we've had so far with the hundreds of windows provided by us. Even more: None of the installed Hydrosight windows have shown leakage after continuous operation. Hydrosight, unlike others in the market, guarantees the maximum security and safety for any desired project of yours, all thanks to our double safety technology. This service also comes with customized adaptations for the relevant climate conditions.

Each window provided by Hydrosight is individually calculated to withstand the given daily water pressure required from the habitat of the window.
Calculations are done by an independent structural engineer before any installation is made. This is achieved with the use of numerical methods, such as Finite Element Analysis. Separate FEA reports, including tension and deflection can be provided by request.


Resisting the pressure of tons of water every day, even for the most
delicate use

Each window is sealed and tested in our factory and includes a test

5. ...and the kids will love it!

Underwater windows are fun for the whole family. Especially children! They will love the ability of interacting with friends and family through one of our windows.